How is the deer handled after the hunt?

We have a deer processing facility located on the premises, and it is the cleanest, highest quality operation you'll find. All deer harvested at Quick Drop Hunting will be processed at this facility. Your guide will retrieve your deer from the field and take it immediately to the processing facility for pictures, measurements, and processing. We clean, process to your specifications, package, and freeze your deer meat (time permitting) for $40.00 per deer. Or, if you prefer, we will clean, quarter, and pack your meat in your ice chest for $30.00 per deer. Caping for mounts is $25.00 per deer, and you are responsible for shipping. Taxidermy services are available at an additional cost.

Out-of-state 3-day Alabama hunting licenses can be acquired through Quick Drop Outdoors. Anyone born after August 1, 1977, is required by Alabama law to have a hunter safety card. You cannot purchase a hunting license without this card. Any card issued by your native state is sufficient. The only other extra fees are penalty fees of $100.00 for a button buck and $250.00 for any sub-standard buck. Extra fees for button bucks and sub-standard bucks are due and payable in cash upon occurrence. A $100.00 per person security deposit is required. This applies against any unnecessary damages or fines accrued during your hunt and is refundable by mail after departure.