Is a kill guaranteed?

We hunt free range, wild animals, and we have no control over weather, position of the moon, timing and duration of the rut, and anything else that makes deer move or not move. So, remember when you book a hunt, you have not bought a deer, you have bought a hunt and a hunt only. We do everything in our power and control to give you the best hunting experience possible. Some days will be better than others, and some hunts will be better than others. It takes patience, sacrifice, determination, as well as luck to get a mature trophy buck in your cross hairs. You should be willing to sit in a stand for a minimum of 4-6 hours at a time to increase your success ratio. We encourage our hunters to be patient and to hunt hard.

You will possibly see everything from a button buck to a 10 point, or better. Does are plentiful. Bucks will range from 150-200 pounds, with the average 2 1/2 year old deer at 160 pounds. Does will range from 110-125 pounds.